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Mining the Scriptures: Romans 1:8-12
By Stan Cox on Jan 10, 2012

Paul was quick to express his appreciation for the faith of God’s saints in Rome. He commended them, saying, “your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world” (vs. 8). How commendable, to have such faith as to be known by brethren everywhere as accepted by God!

It is because of this faith that Paul prayed for them daily, and desired to come and minister to them, by imparting some spiritual gift (vs. 11). Paul wrote this letter near the end of his third missionary journey while in Corinth. Though he desired to come to Rome, it was a while before his wishes were met (cf. 15:22).

What Paul and the Romans enjoyed, though separated, was the “mutual faith both of you and me” (vs. 12). This is the greatest reason for Christians throughout the world to be encouraged. No matter where you go, there are those of like precious faith that, by that faith, may rightly be regarded as a spiritual family. The Christian is never without encouragement and support where another Christian is to be found. Cultures, races and languages all may be different, but for all disciples of Jesus, our mutual faith remains.

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